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Zacharias Kraus
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Zacharias Kraus This is without doubt the most beautiful album I ever listened to. Favorite track: Mascaron.
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jax This is a most beautiful collection of tracks. The production is sparse, and yet enough. The lyrics are thoughtful and placed perfectly in the landscape of various sounds. The singing and harmonies are just ... tooooo good. Big thanks for this amazing experience.
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Timpy Very few times have I listened to a record that was so utterly beautiful, I had to immediately run to someone in order to share a listening experience. 'Lissom' is that kind of record, though.

The production is spot-on. There is just enough ambience to feel enveloping but not so much that it gets in the way. The music still feels sparse despite the layers.

Criminally under-exposed, Julien Marchal and Ed Tullett have made something gorgeous and I hope they collaborate again. Favorite track: Doppelgänger.
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Limbo 03:58
Call it your bed, you cut me out instead. Calm in your head, you pulled me out and said '...and all the heart, it wakes.' Ghosted and deft, you told me I'd misread. Wild in your head, you pulled me out and said '...and all the heart, it wakes.' Be afraid, harm me, be your best, charm me, be in death, or I'll cede instead, be in death, and I'll see you there.
Mascaron 04:59
I see doubt built upon it, be thinned-out, spilt upon it, easy vows built upon it, be without, guilt upon it. Toy with the rest of my lung, feign attention, I won't - you know I couldn't cope. Deep in doubt, wilt on it, be worn down, linger on it. and proud, you threw me down a rope, it killed me, endowed, you shut me in a 'home', if only I could float. Are there, maybe, breaks in me?
Contour 03:04
Calling the haunting away, spit in the lake where you lay, and I curve you around. Drawn across your face, I will kill your name, forked across your frame, and it drowned. Sworn in a burrowing grave, born in a brotherly shape, and I pour until nothing's left. Oh contour, you're bored of us now.
Scalped 04:22
Becoming what you made me, doubling what you raised. Studying how you swayed me, making a body break. Oh, still a side of me, oh, thrill in ivory. Thrill on me. Troubling, how you tame me... shimmering shoulder blades. How I know you'll erase me. Making a body break. Oh, gilded finery, I will, in bribery. I'll bathe in blood.
Atrophy 04:01
Trace me, we're probably meant to be, just let it all numb your chest of any love. Brace, please, you were never meant to see, just let it all run the depths of anyone. A lie will coin a better love, a lie will come. Face me in every place I've been, just let it all numb your chest of any love. To build a body's aches, a body aches to build.
Falling back to grieving, are they disappearing, or are they someone else? Pull you back to breathing, are you suffocating, or are you someone else? Are we all someone else, are we undetermined? Are we all someone else, are we undeserving? Corner all your stirring, is it all returning, or are you somewhere else? Gather all your evenings, is this what you're feeling, or are you somewhere else? Or are we you? In a sense we are.
Savagery 04:58
He and I, your words, here under, she and I, your words, here under, and I will turn into the colour that you're burning, the slaughter you were birthed in, the night will turn into the torture you’re deserving, the savagery you’re learning. He and I, your hurt, here under, she and I, you’re hurt, here under. The spine will stay in them, you're wrong to say the same.
Hundreds 03:55
Seek and I will come, speak and I am numb. Hundreds of days under your cloying vow, hundreds of days. It's 'real love'. Be an hour lost, reach and I will cross. Seared in all the verse you’ve taken, fearing all the earth you’ve shaken out.


Lissom is a collaborative work between French pianist & composer Julien Marchal and British songwriter Ed Tullett. Originally written remotely in their respective homes for piano and voice, it was transformed by ambient instrumentation and strings, and became less an album, more a melting-pot of beautiful songs, dark poetic lyrics and instrumental flourishes. A record fit for a quiet, lightless room.


released August 22, 2018

Mastering : Ian Hawgood


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Whales Records Bordeaux, France

Label with musicians for musicians

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